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Really neat visuals, very retro. Nice stuff!


Thank you, we really appreciate it!

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Hi, I noticed this game was put on Greenlight at first, but it seems like that posting is no longer up. You still planning on a Steam release?

Steam's been going through some changes and I'm thinking about waiting to see how the dust settles. It's certainly been a learning experience!

well I was asking because I see you agreed to promote your game with Remute. If all this settles and you land on Steam, will you provide Steam keys?


Oh yeah, I'm not going to double dip on you! :-)

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Yo I'm really digging this. Major props.

I also love those eyeball enemies. Their animation rules.

Is it being in development? Demo works great on my netbook. Candles took me several tries to hit.

Thank you for posting! We will continue to work on this and plan to have a free update including new content later this year. Look for smaller bug fixes incrementally. I'll check out those candles, at least they don't hit back! Wait, that gives me an idea...

Which engine you're used in development? :)

Proudly made in Clickteam Fusion 2.5!!!

Cool! May I contact you by email about this game? :)

Sure! Eclipsingbinaryadventures at gmail dot com!

This is clearly a labor of love, glad to see you finish this one and put it out!